Everyone is asking “when did the Tumblr pagan community get so childish and dramatic?”

Two points:

1) It’s always been that way. Seriously. Ever since I first joined Tumblr, it’s been this way.

2) lol “community”

Oh, honey, it hasn’t “always been that…

Psh, you have clearly not been here long.. Just because it hasn’t been a fact of your 9 months of tumblr doesn’t mean it hasn’t occurred to some of us who have been here a few years…

Anonymous asked:

oh and don't ask people to 'love' those which dehumanize and seek to destroy people of color. it's condescending, arrogant and paternalistic.

Paternalistic? Hardly. I’d suggest you look that word up in the dictionary before attempting to use it again.

Condescending and Arrogant? Again, hardly. I don’t make the claim that I’m without flaw at carrying out my own advice (because I suck at it, and I’ve screamed down enough bigots to make that obvious). I do however still stand behind it. Only love can defeat hate and fear. Love doesn’t mean agreement, it does mean humanization.

Anonymous asked:

I do care for them, in fact racism has often hurt the very people enacting it, in ways like lower wages for whites, or the slower development of science and industry due to locking out people of color, so I truly believe fighting racism helps even racists in ways they can't yet comprehend. And again, it's not antagonistic to be passionate.

You’re entirely correct in that racism is very much self defeating. I’m not against passion, I am against antagonism. Hate, labels, and irrational arguments however, are very much antagonistic.

Anonymous asked:

expecting vulcan-like detachment on an issue that has affected every aspect of my life is ridiculous. if being passionate about something that causes real harm is 'antagonistic' so be it.

That’s the issue - it’s not that you need to show detachment, or hate, rather, the solution is much more difficult - you have to show love.

Discrimination is a form of hate fueled by fear. It is truth and love which disarm it. Love is not the same as acceptance (by a long shot), nor am I suggesting you should accept racism (or other forms of discrimination). I am suggesting you should treat those who discriminate with compassion and love however, otherwise they will only grow more and more into your enemies in a battle that no side can ever win.

Being antagonistic only makes the battle unwinnable, or worse yet, puts the battle in favor of those who discriminate.  More has been done to end racism through the power of love then a firearm has ever accomplished.

Anonymous asked:

awww didn't have a response for that did ya?

You are so far away from having any actual argument it’s boring.  Go look up how to have an actual argument (not just a heated conversation where you shout your opinion louder and louder) and I’ll be happy to continue. While you occasionally have an interesting (poorly supported) point, you’ve drifted far enough from any meaningful claim you are clearly being antagonistic.

Go home Anon, stop being so very desperate. 

Anonymous asked:

So then you won't mind if I call you a disgusting racist apologist, right? those are just words . . .

Yes, they are. Words that anyone with two IQ points to rub together will realize is fundamentally not true.

You want to go on a tirade against racism? Please - go petition your local stormfront.  

Don’t pretend that sitting in your armchair fussing like a mewling cur at strangers over tumblr is anything like actually fixing racism.

Anonymous asked:

Yes, because it makes total sense to give the power of reclaiming to the group that was originally using that word to dehumanize and hate. Yeah. totally makes sense

"to give" - that’s the problem. It’s innately theirs, as much as it’s innately everyone’s. Nobody has the authority to give anything of language. Language is not owned.

Anonymous asked:

"That meaning can be changed, and so too can the words power." Not by the groups using the slurs to subjugate.

Ah, yes, another brilliant argument. Stunningly bright. Stunningly.

You’re boring. Go home.

Anonymous asked:

No, your sad attempt to regurgitate the bit of linguistics you've picked up is not relevant because the meaning of slurs have been defined and given power, and there's nothing you can do to change that.

Great argument.

Hold on, hold, let me get out a slow clap for you:

*clap* *clap* *clap*

"Well, that’s the way it is, and that’s just how it is, because that’s how it is" - Great argument. Astounding. You must have a doctorate in logic. 

You dumb, petty child. Go home.

Power is attached to meaning. Meaning is assigned by the speaker and the listener, by convention of the conscience mind. That meaning can be changed, and so too can the words power.